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Here you will find some of the books we find valuable for folks in product management. We add books to our list often, so check back. Also, if there's a book you love that should be added to this list, send us a note! (

Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres is a classic and must-read for any product manager.

Think Again by Adam Grant helps you reshape what you know - and what you think you know - so that you can better learn and grow.

The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick is a great book on how to best talk to customers and ask (frame) questions in a way to glean the best insights.

Atomic Habits by James Clear can help teach you ways to create good habits - in this case specifically around consistently studying, discussing, and observing your customers and their environments.

Radical Product Thinking by Radhika Dutt is a tremendous book that helps product managers and leaders better develop game-changing products by using the radical product thinking methodology.

Never Assume: Ten Fatal Assumptions Great Product Managers Never Make by John Fontenot lays out common assumptions that product managers make, the issues those assumptions can lead to, and ways to avoid making these fatal assumptions.

Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke is one of the best books available for understanding how to make better decisions.


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