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What do all great product managers have in common?

In IMMUTABLE: 5 Truths of Great Product Managers, JJ Rorie reveals the skills that are vital to navigate this exciting and dynamic field. She shares case studies and wisdom acquired from years in the profession to lay out the core capabilities that are the foundation for greatness.


Customer intelligence, relationship-building, effective communication, good judgment, and prioritization are essential to the role, and each concept is explored in depth in the book.

Sophia Perl
Product Lead, Door Dash

We tend to overcomplicate things in product management. While we
do often work with complex issues, I love how JJ has brought us back to
the foundation of great product management in IMMUTABLE. Every
product manager should strive to perfect these 5 truths.

I have mentored and managed product managers for many years. This book successfully captures the key traits that all product managersneed, and more importantly, provides simple tools to help them along the journey. JJ’s thoughtful recommendations are relevant and practical, making this book a useful guide for both new and  experienced product managers.

Gyanda Sachdeva
VP Product, LinkedIn

Mamuna Oladipo
VP Product, Shopify

IMMUTABLE: 5 Truths of Great Product Managers is a must-read for all emerging and experienced product managers who aspire to deliver meaningful products while authentically leading teams. The  author has provided practical roadmaps and toolkits for building product careers from the inside out.

Praise for IMMUTABLE

Nancy Wang
Product Manager, Microsoft

We often think about the success criteria of our products, but what about measuring our success as product managers? JJ’s  IMMUTABLE helps you define the metrics that differentiate good and great PMs, leaving you with actionable insights to succeed. A must read for new and experienced product managers alike looking to accelerate their career growth.

I have worked in product management for over ten years, and there is always a trend or a new system, but however you slice it, there are some basic truths. This book is a simple and practical consolidation of the critical skills needed to be an analytical and successful product manager.No matter where you are in your product career, this is a gem of a book to reference.

Farah Rana
Product Leader, Riot Games

Baraa Safaa Ali
Product Leader, Amazon

Whether you are an associate product manager or a CPO, these
skills will help you deliver some incredible value to your customers.
However, these five skills are not just for product managers; they are
life skills that you can put to use tomorrow in whatever project you are working on. You will be immutable by the incredible stories and advice from others in the field, presented by JJ Rorie, a master communicator.

David Nash
Chief Product Officer, Board International; PM Executive Mentor

It’s often the essential soft skills, enumerated in JJ’s 5 truths, that separate the  exceptional from the merely competent. So don’t just read this book—put it into practice—and if you’re a product leader, give this gift to your team.

In IMMUTABLE, JJ gives you straightforward, practical advice on
the core skills every product manager needs. All I ask, after reading these secrets of great product management, is that you use your talents wisely and only build products that make our world a better place, for everyone! Enjoy!

Kirsten Zverina Archer
Product Manager, Google; Founder, Abethos Ventures

Adrienne Tan
CEO, Brainmates

JJ is right. Product managers work in complex, dynamic systems.
IMMUTABLE takes us back to the fundamentals, which is often what
we need to do to thrive in chaos. It’s a great book to add to your product management book collection. Make use of it when you need practical advice and guidance. JJ is right there with you.

Bruce Busby
Product Manager, Intralox

The simplicity of this approach is its power. JJ guides the reader through
these critical skills in a down-to-earth manner with real examples and
practical advice that anyone can implement. It’s an easy and fun read, and there is something for everyone in IMMUTABLE.

This book is a roadmap for being a high-performing product manager and a highly sought-after professional. The approachable yet straight-forward style makes it easy to follow. While the exercises she encourages us to practice aren’t easy, she is very persuasive in explaining why they are the right questions to pursue.

Emi Ashida
Product Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Andy Bowden
Head of Product, Buurst

This is an easy and great read full of practical advice and real examples. This book is applicable to all product managers, regardless of industry, type of product, or experience level. There is something for everyone in IMMUTABLE. The power of this book: JJ writes about these
IMMUTABLE Truths because she’s lived them!

Amber Hall
Product Strategy Leader, Kohler

JJ is spot on with these truths. Not only has she captured the essence of product management, but she’s done so in such a thoughtful way. No matter where you are in your product management career journey, these serve as a guiding light in any industry or application.

A guide for hiring managers on the product management role.

Radhika Dutt
Author, Radical Product Thinking

Nils Davis
Author, The Secret Product Manager Handbook

In IMMUTABLE, JJ Rorie has captured the bedrock characteristics that lead to product management success. It’s filled with stories to illustrate the 5 truths, based on her years of experience leading and consulting with product teams. And good news! While these characteristics are fundamental, you can continuously improve in every area, which is
exactly why you need this book. JJ provides specific actions you can take to strengthen your abilities.
I recommend the book to anyone seeking to have a bigger impact
in product management.

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customer intelligence

From customer characteristics and market conditions to motivations and unmet needs, great product managers are constantly learning about their customers.

RElationsHip building

Great product managers cultivate trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with the stakeholders and partners within their product ecosystem. 


Great product managers are masters at communicating the "why" behind their product and adapting the message to various audiences.



Great product managers know how to avoid biases, find the important insights in a sea of data, and ultimately make decisions based on their best judgment.



Great product managers are fanatical about doing the things that will be most impactful for the product, the business, and the customer. 


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