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About the workshop

Great  product managers are anchored by 5 immutable truths. These truths serve as a strong foundation from which to pull as they navigate the rewarding but oh-so chaotic product manager role. 

Great Product Managers...

  1. have exceptionally high customer intelligence

  2. are experts at building relationships

  3. are master communicators

  4. have uncommonly good judgment

  5. are fanatical about prioritizing their time

Most product management trainings are focused solely on frameworks and methodologies. What makes us unique is that our curriculum and educational approach teaches these work areas, activities, rituals, and artifacts of day-to-day product management through a lens that strengthens the 5 immutable truths. Building and sustaining these foundational skills is what makes great product managers.

Participants leave the workshop with a clear picture of what product management is and more importantly HOW TO BETTER DO THE JOB by leveraging these timeless and critical skills

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​A Few Notes...

  • We will only use this data to send you information about the training workshop.

  • By requesting this information, there is NO obligation to attend any workshop. We may follow up with you a couple of times, but we promise not to hound you. We don't believe in that nonsense. But we do thank you for the chance to tell you more about our workshop.

  • If you submit an information request and ultimately decide to attend (or send someone to) the workshop, we'll give you a discount code to get 20% off the registration.

  • Thanks for your interest! We sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks for your interest. We will be in touch soon!

Who is interested in attending the workshop?
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